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StrokePlay Pro

Developed by golfers, for golfers

StrokePlay Pro is aimed at golfers of all abilities

If, like me, you play golf and have been looking for an application to track your performance to allow you to spot weak points for improvement then StrokePlay Pro is that application.

I have been looking for an application for years which had all the features I wanted, the statistics I needed, at the price I wanted to pay and with a reasonably unrestricted licence.

But I never found one. There was always a feature missing or it was too expensive - especially for updates - or the licence was just too restrictive.

So I decided to build my own.

I've started with a clean sheet of paper and added everything I want.

But what about you? As a golfer what features do you want in your golf tracking application? What statistics would be most useful to you?

To suggest a feature you'd like to see in StrokePlay Pro or for more information about the application please visit the StrokePlay Pro website.

You can also follow the progress of StrokePlay Pro via the Blog.

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