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What is it?

Debugger Selector is a utility aimed, primarily, at software developers.

It allows the developer to decide how to process an unhandled application exception which would, under normal circumstances, be processed by Dr. Watson or a specifically defined debugger.

Debugger Selector allows the developer to define a number of tools that can process these exceptions and decide, at the time the exception occurs, which would be more suitable to use.

The developer can define the tools that are available either in advance of the exception occurring or, for greater flexibility, at the time it happens.

Debugger Selector can be used on Windows NT4.0 and above.


Why use it?

Here are just a few reasons to use Debugger Selector:

  • Define an unlimited number of debuggers.
  • Decide how to process an unhandled exception, when it happens.
  • Define a new debugger to process an unhandled exception, when it happens.
  • Invoke a specific debugger after a user defined timeout.
  • Pause and resume the timeout.
  • Quick access to the Dr. Watson configuration.
  • Deploy in a 'live' environment to tailor the capture of unhandled exception information.

These are just a limited number of uses Debugger Selector could be put to, why not try it yourself and discover how well it works with your development environment.


"This utility makes your job much easier."

"...the ability to invoke a specific debugger after a user defined time-out really comes in handy. So does the ability to pause and resume the time-out."
    - Dave Central Review

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